Quality retro tricycle made in Slovakia

Retro tricycle 3Wheel is a unique tricycle for children made in Slovakia. This is not a large-scale production.  Retro tricycles  we manufacture using certified technology and we process and bend many of its components on manual bend machine to ensure maximum quality, safety and long-term durability of each tricycle. The retro tricycle got its name or “nick-name” precisely because its design and color scheme resembles children’s tricycles, which were manufactured in Slovakia about 50 years ago.

Some may have one older tricycle still stored on the attic or somewhere among the old items. We have decided to repair our old tricycle and restore its functionality so that it could also serve our daughter. And that’s where the whole idea of making original retro tricycles came about, which is nostalgia for older people and great fun for children and a way to move that they love.


Retro tricycle combines modern technology with traditional design

The 3Wheel retro tricycle is a safe and stable means of movement for children on paved surfaces and is also certified in accordance with the STN EN 71 standard. We use modern technologies for its production, which ensure its strength, stability and only safe materials that are not harmful in any way for children’s skin. We make retro tricycles from the heart, which is why their seat is red – a color that symbolizes the love and care that parents give them in the form of a safe children’s tricycle.

We produce a retro tricycle for children from the age of 1 in several colors. You can find it in red and strong red, blue, but also in purple and most recently in white. The retro tricycle is both a tricycle for boys and a tricycle for girls and will reliably serve several generations, similar to tricycles 50 years ago.

Delight children with a retro tricycle

With the 3Wheel retro tricycle, you will please every child, whether you give them a birthday, name day, Christmas, children’s day or just for fun. The retro tricycle is such a small celebration of movement that, right after the children’s bouncers, it teaches children to use the pedals and cycle. In addition, riding a tricycle will keep them entertained in good weather all day long.

If necessary, it is possible to attach a guide bar to the tricycle, which will help children maintain stability and balance during the first rides on their favorite retro tricycle. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us  to contact .